Procenne, which is one of the innovator firm in Istanbul TechnoPark improved the first national hardware crypto modul within 2014 year with the support of Tubitak, accepted the invitation of TUBITAK "prior fields for Research and Development and the progra for supporting renewal projects" and applied to it by "Smart Encrypted Android Phone" project with a partner company which is called "Karel Elektronic", so the proposal has been accepted.

Research and Development is in process for the cutting edge technological device by working on the algorithms and protocols for secure software and hardware components within the scope of the Project. As a result of research and development effort, a national design will be produced and it will be impossibble for an outsider to penetrate to the data transaction.

The latest technology measurement device will be developed Read security software and hardware components For all algorithms and protocols belonging to the project R&D studies are being carried out. These ar-ge studies As a result, a shaft design will be developed, data transfer It is impossible for third parties to intervene.