A mobile wallet app can turn any mobile device into a smart, interactive application that makes the world of payment, vouchers, coupons, and loyalty cards easier, faster and more rewarding. You get a raft of commercial benefits by putting clever, convenient and rewarding payment applications into your customers' hands with our Commerce Application Enablement service. Happy, loyal customers who love the speed, convenience and rewards of secure mobile transactions frequent engagement with customers, creating a closer brand relationship new sources of customer data for personalized sales and marketing initiatives increased revenue and loyalty through relevant content, increased utility and targeted promotions.

But to become the wallet provider of choice, you need to offer an attractive, simple experience based on NFC, QR, SMS or any new, emerging channel that builds closer bonds between your brand and your consumers.

The software provides the functionality to complete (EMV payment) transactions through a remote secure element (SE) using a common contactless terminal and acceptance infrastructure.