Even if the data in the database and the data on the network are seized, it will not be possible for malicious people to benefit from it because it is encrypted.
We use ProCryptGB product which is executed by Procenne for all R & D studies in encryption processes. ProCryptGB is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSM product. It is a high-performance product designed specifically for the encryption of data flowing in spots where high data processing is required. Flowing data has been tested with encryption at 1GB / sec performance.

With advanced logging methods provided by ProSafeGuard, these are kept by taking into consideration old and new values, name and time information of users as all changes made by the users. In this way the changes which are made on database and content of the changes can be monitored easily and if it is necessary recovery process can be executed.

User reports, data traffics, activity of users on database and the information of updates and which has been accessed data, can be reported in details.

Easy Integration:
With provided API , Integration into the system in application layer, is provided via using ProSafeGuard API’s, instead of DB API’s.

Different Database's:
Security is provided by Oracle and SQL Server Database's with ProSafeGuard.

High Performance:
During all these encryption and logging activities, only 15% of the time will be lost. This value may be much lower than the size of the encrypted data. Encryption or decryption of 10k data of 128 bytes long be performed in 1 second. Multithread / parallel Task mechanisms are used for event management and log processing, and log processing does not cause any time loss on the operation of the systems.

%100 Domestic Product:
ProSafeGuard is designed and manufactured by Procenne as both software and hardware. ProCrypt, used as HSM, is manufactured entirely by Procenne.

The system is designed to be suitable for expand both horizontally and vertically. The recommended mode of operation is double server redundant active-active architecture

Track logs kept on the system will be noticed immediately and will be reported as an alarm when they are digitally signed and kept as backups in the files.