EndCrypt is an In-app protection product based on Whitebox technology that secures data on endpoints such as mobile phones, tablets, personal computers and IoT devices. EndCrypt allows cryptographic operations to be performed without revealing confidential information such as a key.

In cryptographic operations on endpoints where EndCrypt is not used, malicious people can predict the key from the runtime of the processes, memory preview or information in the application. EndCrypt generates keys with new bespoke codes and combines them with random numbers, eliminating their predictability.

In order for mobile applications and end-to-end communication to be completely secure, a centralized system is needed. This central system; It undertakes tasks such as authenticating mobile applications and users, managing mobile application/whitebox root keys, and being the first connection and routing point for peer-to-peer communication between applications. Key management and encryption processes in the Secure Zone are performed with the ProCrypt HSM (Hardware Security Module) produced by Procenne.

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