ProCrypt KM-3000 HSM is a hardware security module that offers a high level of security and performance in banking transactions, digital transformation projects and general data protection.

  • ProCrypt KM-3000 HSM allows cryptographic operations such as encryption, decryption, authentication, key management to be performed with high performance and securely in hardware.
  • With its compact structure and scalable architecture, it can be used in businesses of all sizes.
  • It provides platform-independent integration with support for widely used programming interfaces (API).
  • Cryptographic keys are stored in hardware and are constantly monitored and protected against tampering.
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Physical Specifications

Performance and Scalability

Functionality and Support

  • Key management
  • Payment systems
  • Banking transactions
  • Digital transformation projects
  • GDPR
  • Authentication services
  • SSL offloading
  • Mobile application security
  • File/disc encryption
  • Data base encryption
  • Cloud HSM
  • EMV
  • TROY
  • Contactless and NFC payment applications
  • 3D Secure
  • IoT data security
  • Blokchain infrastructure
  • Private applications

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