Procenne EMV Level 2 (L2) Contactless Kernel is a middleware application between terminal operating system and terminal payment application which provides an EMV transaction between terminal and card.

Procenne EMV Level 2 Contactless Kernel offers complete L2 Kernel solution for accepting contactless Paypass, PayWave, Dpass, Troy Contactless.

As more payments are made electronically, the market for criminals is expanding and becoming increasingly attractive. In this environment we rely on a handful of ways to secure our financial details. One of the three key security technologies at its center, the 'sacred triple feature' of payouts, can make good guys a step ahead of fraud.
Three technologies EMV, encryption and tokenization. An in-depth review of the Smart Card Alliance reveals that they are working together to ensure the safety of their triple and card payments.

The benefits of Contactless

  • It's fast
  • Touch your contactless card or device against the reader to pay in seconds.

  • It's easy
  • Contactless card payments have been designed to make life easier for consumers.

  • It's secure
  • There is no need to find cash and you can easily track your purchases on your statement or your banking app.

Contactless payments are safe and highly secure. They have the same protection as chip & PIN payments, making them safer than cash.

Contactless cards and devices are embedded with multiple layers of security to protect you against fraud. Contactless only works when a card or device is within a few centimetres of the terminal. This makes it virtually impossible for any details to be intercepted while in use. When you touch your card or device on a terminal, information is securely transmitted between the two.

Any data obtainable from a contactless card is visible on the front of the card and would be of limited use to a fraudster - and couldn’t be used to make a cloned card. For added protection from fraud, you will be asked to enter your PIN to verify a transaction from time to time. If your card is lost or stolen, as long as you report it to your bank as soon as possible in accordance with your bank’s terms, you won’t have to pay for any fraudulent use.